• We enable global innovation and resources

    We enable global innovation and resources

  • Markets as spatial areas: unique densities, trends and white spots

    Markets as spatial areas: unique densities, trends and white spots

  • Maps speak louder than words

    Maps speak louder than words

About us

We enable global innovation and resources to be exploited at a local level by taking care of our customers in person and developing solutions that respond directly to their needs. This is the GeoMagis vision. So simple, yet so powerful.We have made it our mission to enable customers to exploit the power of the modern cloud, yet still maintain their independence. Not only do our customers reap the benefits of GeoMagis’ international network, but we also draw on our extensive experience to develop bespoke solutions on the customer’s site. We consider ourselves servants of this vision. The only thing that matters is the success of our customers. After all, our customers’ success is testimony to our own.


Martin Redl

Martin Redl

"Twenty years after founding this company, we find ourselves in a market characterised by digitalisation, networking and globalisation. We do our best to enable our customers to benefit from the opportunities that this trend brings – while counteracting the threats. In other words, our consultancy services are characterised by our personal presence. This may sound rather conservative for an IT business, but this is our philosophy, and the very essence of our existence!"

Dipl. Ing. Martin Redl, CEO

Areas of expertise

Customer experience

We first began working with GeoMagis in 1998. It’s fair to say that the St. Pölten-based company has played a role in supporting the growth of the XXXLutz Group. We consider ourselves fortunate to be working with a reliable and competent Austrian partner, which is now helping us with our media planning as we branch out internationally. Over the years, we have also been able to develop in-house skills, based on the dynamic support and GIS expertise of GeoMagis.

Mag. Thomas Saliger, Marketing Manager and Company Spokesman, XXXLutz Gruppe
Customer experience

SPITEX (a Swiss company providing home-care services) wanted to use maps as a foundation for its strategic decision-making. In order to provide the best and most cost-efficient care for its customers, SPITEX needs to know whether it should consolidate, split or move sites, or move the periphery of the area in which the company provides its services. However, SPITEX suddenly found itself in a situation where these decisions were very difficult to implement. ERRAM (an accessibility model) now enables the company to envisage and evaluate many different scenarios based on current patient visits, population data and customer development forecasts in a very short time.

Christian Amrhein, Director – Geographic Applications Division, Lucerne city,
Customer experience

Our cooperation with GeoMagis has led us to switch to GeoVille as our preferred provider of high quality clutter data for 5G coverage planning analysis. GeoVille has demonstrated capacity to realize projects in short time. The quality and up-to-dateness of applied data have truly impressed us and have indeed contributed to a higher satisfaction of our customers.

Roman Risavy, DBA Networks; T-Mobile Austria GmbH

Who we help

Geographic data is everywhere today. We help private-sector companies, public-sector bodies, energy providers and rescue forces to transpose abstract data into visual images, providing them with clarity for their decision-making.

Why work with us?

  • Your success is our success. Your return on investment is key to us.
  • We are a creative, innovative and goal-oriented team providing unique, outside-the-box solutions.
  • We speak your language – we understand technology, IT, business and public interests. And we’re attentive listeners, too!
  • We are passionate about spatial data and have been creating solutions in this field for almost 20 years!