The GeoMarketing Agency is dedicated to the spatial aspect of marketing. We prepare important decision-related data such as revenue, customers, prospects and purchasing power for our customers, enabling them to focus their analysis, improve the efficiency of their planning and optimise controlling.
  • Branch location planning and analysis
  • Assessment of sales regions – white spots and potential analysis
Implementing geomarketing means using optimised business processes to leverage firepower in an increasingly competitive environment, thereby improving the efficiency of the company’s investments. Geomarketing provides our customers with greater clarity about the following aspects of their sales:
  • Spatial demographic customer profiles
  • Sales region planning for the sales team
  • Advertising and media planning

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Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are an integral part of our everyday lives. GIS is a tool that not only allows the analysis and manipulation of spatial data, but also enables the development of solutions that give meaning to the complicated interrelationship of spatial data and provide customers with a clearer overview.
  • Lower costs due to increased efficiency
  • Better foundation for decision-making
  • Improved communication
Our solutions have been successfully implemented in public administrative bodies (ministries, cities, towns and municipalities), utility companies and telecom providers. The benefits for our customers include the following:

  • Better administration of spatial information
  • Spatial management of resources
  • We support our customers with the collection, analysis, administration, processing and visualisation of their data

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Computer-Aided Dispatch Systems

A computer-aided dispatch system is a computing system that supports dispatchers throughout the entire dispatching process. This process begins with logging the details of the operation, scheduling, raising the alarm and keeping records of the operation. The final steps of the process are research and evaluation.A significant component of every computer-aided dispatch system is a map module, which allows the dispatcher to maintain an overview of the geographic situation. All elements needed for the operation are portrayed on the map, including area map, approach routes, building/facility plans, etc.
This allows dispatchers to quickly pinpoint the correct rescue destination, locate and dispatch the closest appropriate rescue vehicle so that it can reach the required destination faster.

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